North Holland Horse Trials

19-21 April 2019

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M Paarden (nationaal)

  • North Holland Horse Trials
  • North Holland Horse Trials
  • North Holland Horse Trials
  • North Holland Horse Trials
  • North Holland Horse Trials
Norh Holland horse Trials

Terrain & stable rules participants

On the competition area:

Anyone who takes part in the North Holland Horse Trials and/or is present on the competition areas of Manege Beukers and the preferred areas for North Holland Horse Trials for the Horse Trials at the recreational area Geestmerambacht adheres to the terrain rules. A copy of these regulations is available at the Secretariat and at the awarding of the bib numbers handed over to each participating combination. Failure to comply with these rules or ignoring evidence of employees of the Organization (identified by a colored wrist band) could lead to the exclusion without return of starting money and/or removal of the contest site. Your presence on the site is entirely at your own risk. The contest organisation and/or manege Beukers can never be liable for any damage and/or theft.

Event participants

Please take notice of the following:
- The temporary stables complex for competition horses is available only for those who have received an authorisation by means of a wristband with text. The stable surveillance is mandatory to refuse not authorized persons at all times. The access band is non-transferable and must be worn throughout the event.
- It is not allowed to enter the stable block within the riding school with competition horses.
- It is not allowed to enter the cross course with motorized vehicles.
- Tidy manure and straw immediatley.
- Between 20:00 and 06:00 access to the stable tents is only permitted accompanied by the security and only by one person at a time.
- Extra straw, shavings and hay can be purchased/settled at the Secretariat: You will then receive a receipt.

You hand this receipt to the equerry who will give you the goods.

Lungeing and training is only possible at the indicated locations.
- Spray off of the horses/ponies only on the indicated locations.
- All riders must wear an approved safety helmet as soon as they mount the horse/pony.
- Horses may not block the corridors in the stables (keep spacious corridors)